Closing material loops, one kilo at a time

Locally produced


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modular furniture


We design customized furniture components for multipurpose and occasional uses. Our products do not only have a winning story behind it, but beautiful to look at and a joy to use as well


Did you know only 2% of furniture is currently reused after recycling? Not with us! We close material loops for plant-based plastics, upcycling industrial and consumer waste streams, making brand new items out of them, again and again.


We bring the average CO2 footprint for each kilo of furniture down from 635 kg to 1 kg! Most CO2 is emitted in production and transport. This is why we produce locally in our modular micro-factories.


We set up local circular communities where brands become up-cyclers, citizens and offices become suppliers and consumers, local shops and restaurants become collection points. All around the OurkilO micro-factory in the city.

We set up local micro-factories

OurkilO micro-factories are small scale, highly automated, digital additive manufacturing setups developed to be placed in cities, offering customizable plant-based plastic furniture components designed for circularity.

The micro-factories offer a complete software-hardware solution to replace mass production furniture manufacturing and stimulate circular innovation. We create our products from waste streams at our client.

After selecting the desired components, the micro-factory automatically additively manufactures the components ready for assembly, use and recycling. This is supported by a dashboard and community platform to give insight in the kilo’s of material and CO2 emissions.


Winner DigiCirc Circular Cities 2021

OurkilO is selected as one of the winners in the DigiCirc circular cities accelerator programme and received an investment of 120k.

The programme focuses on projects contributing to:

Autonomous Cities, Waste Management and Sustainable consumption 

The circular economy applied to the city could lead to autonomous and resilient circular cities by creating loops of resources produced and consumed locally. Ensuring that a waste is no longer a waste  and extending the duration of its use. The notion of circularity must be integrated for any act of purchasing.

Three ways we can work for you

Become a partner in our micro-factory

Can we close a plant-based plastics material loop for you? Then together we can create a product of value for your customers from your own material stream.

Your own branded micro-factory

Diversify and innovate your product portfolio with new and customized products made from recycled materials in your own premium branded micro-factory.

Leave it all to us - the one-stop shop

From design to recycling, you leave it all to us. You tell us where and when, and we will set up a local circular concept, just for you. It's like your own factory.

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